Wired Up Caffè (Whole Bean)


 Introducing Wired Up Caffè - the coffee that speaks volumes without uttering a single word. Just like the sacred omerta code of silence, this java keeps it hush-hush while delivering an electrifying experience that is anything but ordinary.

Prepare to be wired up to the max with our Medium Roast Hyper Caffeinated blend. We've carefully crafted this coffee to give you the jolt you need to conquer any mission, all while keeping your secrets on the down low. Whether you're a coffee aficionado seeking a new adventure or a Sopranos fan looking for a jolt of euphoria, we've got you covered.  Embrace the power of silence, sip your way to caffeinated bliss, and let Wired Up Caffè become your partner in crime on this flavorful journey. Cheers to the wired life!


Coffee Style: Medium Roast Hyper Caffeinated blend (Whole Bean)

Flavor Profile: Well-balanced slight notes of berry with medium acidity and a clean finish.