Welcome to the Family (Whole Bean)


It's the dawn of a new era.  Enjoy a cup of coffee welcoming you with open arms into the family.

Welcome to the Family Omerta Caffe brings you Café Habana 100% Arabica Beans, an exclusive dark-roast blend started by Dan Grimaldi, Jason Cerbone and Robert Funaro. Featuring a very indulgent rich flavor, every sip will make you feel like you never left the warmth of your home.  Brewed sustainably, quality always remains our top priority! Whether it's Cafe con leche or espresso, this distinct coffee offers something special not found in any other form. 

When it comes to taste, no one messes with the family. So don't wait on this coffee classic that has been perfected with over a hundred years of experience.  Get Welcome to the Family from Dan Grimaldi, Jason Cerbone and Robert Funaro now and join the ranks! Providing excellence at every turn!

Coffee Style: Cafe Habana 100% Arabica Beans (Whole Bean)

Flavor Profile:  A very indulgent rich flavor, dark roast, handpicked beans.  The Perfect caffe to make caffe con Leche, colado, and espresso.