.... Take the Cannoli (Whole Bean)


Forget Tony's gun - get ready for a truly different kind of flavor hit with Take the Cannoli Coffee! This unique blend features a medium-roast flavor profile full of warmth, with notes of sweet cream and cannoli flavors that will delight and excite your coffee-loving taste buds! Perfect for brewing up in your moka pot, Take the Cannoli is a great choice for those who love to experiment with their coffee. Whether you prefer it as a latte, hot, or over ice - you can transform it into whatever you like!  So don’t just talk the talk with friends, grab some Take The Cannoli instead and throw an espresso feast! Whether you’re a coffee lover or just looking to break the monotony and explore something new, Take The Cannoli is the perfect way to treat yourself.


 Coffee Style: Medium Roast Blend (Whole Bean)

Flavor Profile: : Flavorful bursting with notes of sweet cream cannoli