Respect The Brew (Whole Bean)


 Do you want to be the boss of your own day? If you're a lover of strong espresso and good conversation, Respect The Brew is the one for you!

From the talented Dan Grimaldi, this espresso is like no other you've ever tasted. Rich, full-bodied and deeply flavorful, you can enjoy it on its own or transformed into a delicious dark roast espresso or French roast brewed coffee. The aromas of sweet, nutty, and smoky tones and the crema-filled cup will immediately transport you to a cozy corner of your favorite social club. Add a little sugar, orange peel, or a splash of sambuca for the ultimate coffee experience.

Coffee lovers, Sopranos, and Omerta-lovers alike can all appreciate the bold brew of Respect The Brew - the only espresso worthy of the title 'Boss'.


Coffee Style: Espresso (Ground)

Flavor Profile: Rich full body Espresso with moderate to low acidity. This blend produces sweet, nutty and smoky espresso with thick and heavy crema.

Also can be used as Dark Roast Espresso or French roast brewed coffee. Bittersweet, pungent and smoky.