Omerta Caffe & Omerta Cigars launched on June 10th, 2023 in partnership with actors Robert Funaro, Jason Cerbone, and Dan Grimaldi from the hit tv series, The Sopranos to provide the finest coffee and cigars, made with the finest ingredients!

Omerta Opportunities

Omerta Caffe Wholesale

If you own a retail grocery store or gourmet shop and are looking to carry the Omerta Line, please email us for more information. We offer exclusive Omerta Caffe and merchandise at wholesale levels.

Omerta Caffe Franchise Opportunity

Bring the whole Caffe package. This franchise opportunity gives exclusive rights to leverage our branding model. We have the ability to scale based upon your needs. Such as retail store fronts, mobile locations as well as kiosks. We offer naming rights, monthly deliveries, marketing campaigns and a celebratory launch party meet and greet with the caste mates. Please email us for this exclusive opportunity.

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