Early Retirement (Ground Bean)


Life's too short for anything but Early Retirement!

Our premium blend of Caribbean inspired medium roast coffee by Robert Funaro (aka Eugene Pontecorvo from The Sopranos) is the perfect cup of coffee to get you geared up and out into the world with flair.

We boast rich notes of both Caramel, Vanilla and Kahlua to give your taste buds a sweet treat every morning without the sugar rush, and we think Tony won't be too mad about this deal! So don't wait for retirement day to start living life large; pick up a bag of our Early Retirement blend and taste the smoothness that Robert has carefully crafted just for you.

Break the code of omertà among your friends and family today, sip on delicious coffee, and don’t worry about having to pull off any heists. Because no matter what crap life throws at you, it's always time to enjoy Early Retirement.

Enjoy responsibly ;)


Coffee Style: Medium Roast Blend (Ground)

Flavor Profile: Boasting notes of Caramel, Vanilla and Kahlua.