Amor-etto (Whole Bean)


 Step into a world of pure coffee bliss with Robert Funaro’s Amor-etto coffee. At the first sign of this intensely aromatic brew, all of your senses will be awakened to an unforgettable taste experience like no other.

Enjoy robust notes of almond, apricot and cherry with every blissful sip. If you’re a fan of Robert Funaro from the hit television series The Sopranos or his roles in The Irishman and American Gangster, then you’ll understand why he chose to turn “amore” into “amor-etto” – it packs such a great flavor that he had to change the spelling because he loves it so much. So, do yourself a favor- taste this unique medium roast blend today and treat yourself to coffee perfection.

Coffee Style: Medium Roast Blend (Whole Bean)

Flavor Profile:  Bursting notes of Almond, Apricot and Cherry